Bajaj Pulsar All Bikes: Bajaj first launched the pulsar in the year 2001 in two variants, a 150 cc bike and the other one comes in a 180 cc bike.

18 years from then, Bajaj launched this pulsar in every budget segments.

So, a Bajaj Pulsar is basically a bike and it comes in 7 different variants like PULSAR 220F, PULSAR 150 cc, PULSAR 180 cc, PULSAR 180F, PULSAR RS 200 cc, PULSAR NS 200 cc, and lastly PULSAR NS 160 cc.

 But if you go for a bit higher in your budget you can get PULSAR RS 200, PULSAR NS 200 and PULSAR 220F. The bikes in this segment are basically invented for the riders.



 A perfect bike for the riders in a low budget. This is the cheapest bike in this budget and it comes with the dual twin disc of 260 mm front disc and a 230 mm rear disc.

Price – in this segment this bike with tight security this bike can be yours in just Rs. 79,514 (Ex-Showroom Price In New Delhi)

Key Specifications –

  • It comes in a 149cc powerful engine that makes the segment more strong.
  • This bike comes with a mileage of 65 km and that makes it more attractive.
  • This bike has a power of 14 PS @ 8000 rpm.
  • In this bike, there is a double disk and that is the key specification of this segment.
  • And lastly, it comes with the air-cooled cooling system.

Reviews –

  • It comes with an attractive body and good mileage.
  • It is a strong bike with a metal body and has a strong engine in it.

Colors –    this segment comes in seven different colors.

  1. Nuclear-blue
  2. Black-red
  3. Black-grey
  4. Black-blue
  5. Neon-yellow
  6. Neon-silver
  7. Neon-red



The Bajaj pulsar now comes with a double channel ABS. Bajaj launched the pulsar 160cc segment in a low budget. It comes with an oil cooling system.

PriceThis street bike with a twin disc – abs with alloy wheels can be yours in just Rs. 92,506 (Ex-Showroom price in Mumbai).

Colors – This street bike has 3 different unique colors.

  • Saffire blue
  • Glossy grey
  • Passion red

Key specifications –

  • It has the 160.3cc engine that makes it more strong.
  • It has the mileage of
  • It has a weight of 142 kg that makes it more unique.

Reviews –

  • Good mileage with a cool look.
  • A perfect street bike.



It has returned with a BS 4-compliant engine. it has been positioned between the PULSAR 220F and the PULSAR 220F.

Price – This perfect racing bike has a price of Rs. 1,11,533.(Ex-Showroom price in Mumbai)

Colors – This racing bike has four different colors.

  • Graphite black
  • Mirage white
  • Red

Key Specifications –

This bike has an engine of 199.5 cc that makes it compatible for racing. And when it comes to the weight of this and it has 154 of weight. It has the max power of 23.2 bhp @ 9,500 rpm.

Reviews –

it’s an amazing bike with great comfort and price is also in a budget. It has a powerful engine in this price segment.


PULSAR 180 cc

A bike same as the PULSAR 150 but the only difference in the engine and it has 180 cc engine and it comes with the oil cooling system . this bike is the best seller duo from last 10 years.

Price – it comes at the price of Rs. 92,563 (Ex-Showroom price in Mumbai).

Color –

      (a)Laser Black

      (b)Dyno Red

      (c)Nuclear Blue

 Key Specification –

  1. There is an engine of 178 cc.
  2. it has a good mileage of 45kmpl.
  3. Top speed of this bike is 122 kmph.
  4. And here lastly the weight of this bike is 147kg.

Reviews –

(a) Its comes with an attractive body and a good mileage.

(b) It is a strong bike with a metal body and has a strong engine in it.



This bike has features of a half-faired design, similar to its elder siblings, PULSAR 220F.

Price – This racing bike has a price of around Rs. 94,278. (Ex-Showroom price in Mumbai)

Color – This variant only has one color I.e., SILVER.

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Key Specifications –

  1. It has the engine of 178 cc with the oil cooled technology.
  2. It has a good mileage of 45 kmpl.
  3. The top speed of this bike is 122 kmph.
  4. The weight of this is around 147 kg.


 It comes with an attractive body and good mileage. It is a strong bike with a metal body and has a strong engine in it.



Once looked upon as the Fastest Indian, the Bajaj Pulsar 220F is one of the most popular performance-focused bikes in India.

Price – This sporty bike has a price of only Rs. 1,05,504 .(Ex-Showroom price in Mumbai )

Colors –  This bike has 4 different colors and each has its own beauty.

  1. Laser Black
  2. Dyno Red
  3. chrome Black
  4. Nuclear Blue

Key Specifications –

  1. This segment has a strong engine of 220 cc that’s make it more unique ans strong.
  2. It has good mileage of 38 kmpl.
  3. The top speed of this bike is around 134 Kmph.
  4. The weight of its body is approx. 150 Kg.


There is a good visual appeal on this bike. Good in comfort. Overall reliability is also good. And the best part is the service experience from Bajaj.


PULSAR RS 200 cc

This is one of the best racing bikes from Bajaj. It’s bit costly but the taste of riding that bike is literally so different from these other segments.

Price – This PULSAR RS 200 cc has the price of Rs. 1,38,419. This dream bike is awesome to ride for the youngsters.

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Key Specifications –

  • The engine in this bike has a 199.5 cc and the plastic body for the good experiences for riders.
  • The mileage of PULSAR RS 200 cc is around 35 kmpl.
  • The top speed of this cool looking bike is 141 Kmph.
  • And lastly, the weight of this bike is approx. 165 kg.


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