From the launch of Royal Enfield Inceptor 650 Twins. it is breaking all the record of selling.  In the initial months, they have sold 325 units then in December they have sold 629 units and finally in January 2019, they have approx doubled their sell which is about 1069 Units.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

Royal Enfield has chosen the perfect time to launch their two bikes “Interceptor 650” and “Continental GT 650“. The Chennai based manufacturer has sold over 1,000 units of the 650 Twins in the month of January only.

The bike was launched in November and from that time we can the growth in the sell, day by day sell of both the bike increasing.  From selling 325 units in the first month to 629 units in December 2018 to finally selling 1,069 last month, sales have doubled in almost no time.

Royal Enfield has made this most affordable twin-cylinder bike in India. There is no other competitor of 650 Twins in this price range. You can say this is the strategy of Royal Enfield for selling more and more bike.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

We can expect, in near future, they will sell more units and make a new record.

When we compare both the bike Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 then they are almost the same on the mechanical and features basis. 

The only thing which separates both the bike is design. The Continental GT 650 sports cafe racer looks and is built more for weekend corner carving While the Interceptor 650 is a Californian urban cruiser designed for long comfy rides.

Image :- WheelBHP, Royal Enfield, Maxabout


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