1. Bhopal: Free e-rickshaw facilities to help people reach their respective linking bus-stops.

Aiming at passengers’ convenience and reducing their travel time, Bhopal City Link Limited (BCLL) have started this facility free of cost, for a trial period now in, Kolar, Lal Ghati and BHEL.

“The objective is to ensure that the lowest cost mass transit mode is selected for public transport”, said a BCLL official. It is also available in areas of- Avadhpuri, Ayodhya Nagar, Mandakini campus and Kolar. They have already started with 16 buses in-transit, and reaching the destinations with ease, is their main aim here.

2. Honda Cars India ponders raising vehicle prices by almost 1.2% from the next month.

 The company is contemplating to balance out the cost of the raw materials and the introduction of new safety features by forwarding this cost, up to the consumers. This is, however, the second time that the company is looking to increase the prices, with the first hike of Rs. 10,000, implemented from February, this year. Other than MSI; Toyota and Isuzu Motors are also looking to hike the prices of their models.

3. Goa: The government has hiked the VAT, value-added tax, on petrol by 5% and diesel by 3%, by increasing them by Rs. 2.77 and Rs. 1.65 per liter respectively. The price hike has effectively been implemented from 15th June, midnight. In spite of the price rise, fuel prices in Goa still remain among the lowest in the country.

4. Pilibhit: Hard times for non-helmet riders provided extended relief.

District Magistrate Vaibhav Shrivastav, on Friday, extended the implementation of the order of, no helmet; no petrol, by three days. The extension in the enforcement of this policy was due to the reason that the bikers had still to be sensitized to this issue. The DM’s order was, however, to be reinforced from June 14th. This is a very common safety measure that must be undertaken by all those who drive, regardless of their gender or age, so as to prevent fatal accidents. Now if the citizens are not smart enough, the government has to take some stringent measures and exhibit their responsibility.

5. Nissan-Renault crisis:

The two-decade-old partnership, between Nissan and Renault, has jumped into a crisis, wherein, the French-makers’ demand an increased say in Nissan’s new system of their firm. Renault, which currently owns 43.4% of the Japanese company, said that it would block Nissan unless it represented them within the newly reformed system. Renault’s chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard, said that they were confident to come down to some agreement with Nissan. They both need to make some concessions and come to a definitive decision for smooth functioning.


6. Tyre maker, Ceat look to invest Rs. 4,000 crore as capital expenditure for the coming 3 years.

They expect to generate a return revenue of Rs. 5,500 crore. They, however, would look to the demand and purchase in order to implement their plan. The scenario, however, is looking vague due to the slowdown in their sales. 1,000 crore has been targeted for truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres, 2050 crore for passenger vehicle tyres, and 450 and 500 crores for its two-wheeler and other productions. Ceat’s current focus is on hiking OEM fitment.


7. Hyundai Motor Company in India looks towards more clarity and time for the adoption of electric vehicles.

Electrification is a revolutionary step and a very correct one towards combatting air-pollution, however, the government must provide more time for proper implementation. It will be launching Kona EV in July in India.

8. New Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday said that he has decided to take up an initiative to make six districts in Maharashtra, diesel-free for a period of five years. The six districts include- Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia, Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, and Wardha. In addition, he told that the Centre is not looking to shut down any company, but necessary changes must be made.


9. Vietnam’s first homemade car, WinFast will release and deliver its first-ever cars on June 17th.

It is also known to be one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies. This company is being said to provide competition to cars from Toyota and Ford.

10. Mahindra is in news to have invested 4.3 million dollars and come into a strategic alliance with Gamaya, a Switzerland based company, by buying 300 common shares. 

Mahindra now has 11.25% stake in Gamaya SA. Gamaya was initiated in 2015. Mahindra looks to be accessible to the farming community all over the globe, with its advanced farming solutions after this alliance. They look to deploy precision agriculture and next-gen farming technology services.

11. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650+ KTM Duke 390 Suspension, will it work?

A motorcycling enthusiast named Abhinav Bhatt from Delhi, looked around to modify his bike. He has looked to lower the handlebar and made the necessary changes. It’d still take him another month to get the final product and we hope this novelty does work

12. 2019 Porsche Macan Facelift bookings are now open in India:

It’s all set to be launched in July this year. Stylized and inspired by the new generation Cayenne, 2018 Porsche Macan facelift, is also set to sale. Facelifted Macan set to host new updated features, enhanced comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics. The interiors have also been enhanced with power boost as well.

13. KTM overtakes Harley Davidson in 2018 bike sales:

KTM sold 35,000 more bikes than Harley Davidson in 2018. KTM is now looking to break into the top three motorcycle brands.

14. Suzuki Gixxer Photo Leak:

Gixxer 250 is expected to be priced at about Rs. 1.55 lakhs and share its engine and cycle parts with the Gixxer SF 250. We know that they have been working with Gixxer250, but the first time there was an online photo leak. The overall design could be similar to the updated Gixxer 150, with the new panels and the new headlamp.

15. Skoda’s weak performance has pulled down 6.6% of its global sales:

The sales declined mainly due to plummeting sales in the world’s largest automobile market- China. Volkswagen, the parent brand, experienced 5.1% dip in global sales.


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